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  1. Lexus IS300 2001 2jzge I think my cars on limp mode. Revs won't go pass 2.5k, stuck at 20/30kmph. Cleaned the MAF, in fact I replaced it recently earlier this year. Changed out all 4 o2 sensors over a month ago. Just changed the diff fluid, transmission fluid and power steering. It was fine after that, although I suspected it wouldn't shift to third gear, but when I went to turn it on again the second time, still the same issue. I also hear weird grinding noises from time to time from beneath the car when driving NO Cel, and throwing no codes either Update: I
  2. Hi all, I've got a left side mirror that was bought from another is200/300 and the compatibility isn't the same. Can anyone help me with a diagram or let me know what goes where? Would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi there, I was advised from a qualified Toyota mechanic to replace my timing belt after identifying an oil leak around the timing belt itself. He mentioned it was potentially dangerous to be driving the car while in this condition and told me to get it fixed as soon as possible. I'm located in Melbourne Australia and for the past hour I've been doing a bit of research on some kits available, eBay has a few options that vary in price and google shows some other odd autoparts websites which look to be a lot more expensive and a lot less informative than I hope for. I personally do NOT
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