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  1. Thank you for the kind offer but I have solved the problem. The Ballast which I ordered along with the OSRAM D4S globe works. Only problem now is adjusting the beam so it’s level and not so much towards left.
  2. I have referred to the owners manual and it says D4S globe for replacement. The LED is put in there as aftermarket like this without those male clipins. Instead the wire is cut and shoved into the female clip in of the power supply for the head light.
  3. Sorry guys, I was off the grid and couldn’t reply. I will take some pictures and post it to better explain. But yes, the previous owner basically removed the ballast and D4S globe and replaced with cheap LEDs. I have since sourced the D4S globes from the UK (powerbulbs) and ballast from eBay. I hope this is the right ballast.
  4. Hello to everyone. I am new owner of an old Lexus with headlight troubles. I recently purchased a used 2013 3rd Gen Lexus IS250 fsport and I have noticed that the headlights are very dim and not illuminating as much. Upon inspection, the previous owner has fitted an generic LED with its wires bare exposed and shoved into the power supply clip and held together with some tapes. As soon as I touched it, the tape came off, the wires fell off and the LED bulb came loose. I am trying to restore to original state but the workshop I went to quotes $500 each for the ballast and $295 each for the D4S globes. All together, he quotes $1865. So, I have trying to do it myself but could not get the parts. Can anyone direct me to the correct parts? Or do any of you have the correct parts for sale? I am desperate. Any help is appreciated.