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Licence Plate Ct20Oh

Lexus Nerd

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Expressions of Interest are currently being sought for the right to hold this exclusive licence plate number.

A pair of these NSW plates are currently in storage with RTA in a slimline ebony-on-white form.

Currently, these plates attract an RTA annual fee of just $90 per year, saving you thousands of dollars over a lifetime when compared to the $440-per-year Personalised Plus plates. A transfer does, however, require an accompanying transfer of ownership of a car. So these plates would especially suit CT 200h buyers who have to wait several weeks for their CT to arrive, and perhaps have a vehicle they've planned to trade in to their Lexus dealer or otherwise dispose of.

As the LPN "CT20OH" looks so similar to the Lexus model name, the LPN "CT200H" will never be available for issue in NSW. So your new CT will definitely stand out with these plates!

As I've only just decided to make these plates available for transfer, I haven't set a price. Please PM me if you're interested.

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