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  1. Ahead of the official launch tomorrow morning (AEST), Lexus have announced the following new features in the RC F Track Edition: Improved aerodynamics, including fixed wing providing 26 kg of downforce Stiffer bushings for rear suspension arms, steering rack mounts and engine mounts Revised intake routing and a lower rpm trigger point for the secondary intake opening (2,800rpm vs 3,600rpm). Carbon fibre roof and bonnet Titanium muffler and tailpipes Brembo carbon-ceramic brake rotors (d'oh, I thought they were already standing in an RC F/GS F) with red cal
  2. Latest press photo, digitally enhanced
  3. Congrats on your black GS F! Such an awesome car. Of course, I’m biased with my own black GS F with front PPF. Enjoy!
  4. Welcome, Glu! Hope you find the club useful. We also look forward to you imparting your knowledge and experience with so many Lexus models.
  5. Welcome to the club, Snowcone! Enjoy your new ride. Hope you get some time during the festive season to familiarise yourself with many of its features.
  6. Lexus today announced that it will stage the world premiere of the RC F Track Edition at the North American International Auto Show on 15 January, 2019 (AEDT). Livestream: https://livestream.com/LexusInternational/Detroit2019
  7. Hi CHASKE1, Welcome to the Club. That's not a lot of k's after 11 years - you've done well to find one like that! And your first car - congratulations! Firstly, as far as "imminent checks" go, let's see what's public knowledge on what to look out for: https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-reviews/lexus-is-used-review-1999-2014-32015 Hmm ... All generic tips for used-car buyers. Nothing of note. https://www.drive.com.au/used-car-reviews/used-car-review-lexus-is250-20052010-20130909-2tflz It mentions issues with: Windscreen clips and fading LED needles. I'm n
  8. I believe you'll find the headlight level is not meant to be adjusted by the owner. The level is automatic, "according to the number of passengers and the loading condition of the vehicle to ensure that the headlights do not interfere with other road users." If you still think there's a problem with the level, take it to your Lexus dealer.
  9. Hi Rory and Marrauder, Have you taken your vehicle to your dealer's service centre? As with any infotainment issues, the dealer may already be aware of the issue and could perhaps resolve it by updating the firmware.
  10. Love the TOM’s mods you’ve added, Wei!
  11. The beauty of this ‘luxury’ brand is that, if it’s in your car, it will actually work. Lexus doesn’t quickly jump into implementing features that only work half the time. They were the first to introduce a self-parking feature - in the SC430, circa 2000. Now, while some of the cheapest cars on the market offer it, Lexus doesn’t offer it at all. Why? It’s not worth having it if, very occasionally, it results in a collision. I’m born and raised Australia, and am not of retirement age. Yet, Siri on my iPhone can’t recognise what I’m asking half the time. I don’t miss Lexus adding Siri or And
  12. I almost completely agree with Dutchy - Destination Download is great. Anyone who complains about using Remote Touch for entering destinations (particularly journos) hasn’t discovered Enform. It beats both a joystick/touchpad OR a wheel. I do wish they went back to using HERE Maps instead of TomTom, then I’d say Destination Download is “brilliant”. Downloading the TomTom maps is painfully slow. Fuel Finder is also good, but it shows the latest prices for service stations that have closed down (either for renovations, or permanently). If, in an area you don’t travel through often, you see
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