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  1. I believe you'll find the headlight level is not meant to be adjusted by the owner. The level is automatic, "according to the number of passengers and the loading condition of the vehicle to ensure that the headlights do not interfere with other road users." If you still think there's a problem with the level, take it to your Lexus dealer.
  2. Lexus Nerd

    Lexus NX300 Enform Issue

    Hi Rory and Marrauder, Have you taken your vehicle to your dealer's service centre? As with any infotainment issues, the dealer may already be aware of the issue and could perhaps resolve it by updating the firmware.
  3. Lexus Nerd

    New member here

    Love the TOM’s mods you’ve added, Wei!
  4. The beauty of this ‘luxury’ brand is that, if it’s in your car, it will actually work. Lexus doesn’t quickly jump into implementing features that only work half the time. They were the first to introduce a self-parking feature - in the SC430, circa 2000. Now, while some of the cheapest cars on the market offer it, Lexus doesn’t offer it at all. Why? It’s not worth having it if, very occasionally, it results in a collision. I’m born and raised Australia, and am not of retirement age. Yet, Siri on my iPhone can’t recognise what I’m asking half the time. I don’t miss Lexus adding Siri or Android Auto to its infotainment system. By far, the simplest way to navigate somewhere is to type the destination in the Enform app, then selecting the destination after you start up your vehicle. Having said that, you may as well try the latest goodies if there’s any chance of getting them. Perhaps you can visit your Lexus service centre and complain that your infotainment system is occasionally resetting itself while driving. I’ve encountered this problem with Lexus/Toyota vehicles as far back as 2005. They will most likely update your infotainment firmware to the latest version, in the hope that the “problem” disappears. You never know, the “Enter an address” feature might just appear after such an update ...
  5. Lexus Nerd

    Lexus Enform App

    I almost completely agree with Dutchy - Destination Download is great. Anyone who complains about using Remote Touch for entering destinations (particularly journos) hasn’t discovered Enform. It beats both a joystick/touchpad OR a wheel. I do wish they went back to using HERE Maps instead of TomTom, then I’d say Destination Download is “brilliant”. Downloading the TomTom maps is painfully slow. Fuel Finder is also good, but it shows the latest prices for service stations that have closed down (either for renovations, or permanently). If, in an area you don’t travel through often, you see a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is. In general, I’m glad that Enform uses my phone’s 3G/4G SIM instead of requiring the car to have its own SIM. But the lack of apps compared to the US, and the fact that it’s not a seamless user experience between Enform and the main infotainment interface, is a little disappointing.
  6. Lexus Nerd

    Jeremy Clarkson - GSF is better than M3 or M5!

    Pity, the video’s no longer available. Haven’t been able to find it elsewhere on the Net.
  7. Lexus Nerd

    New LC On Display in Sydney

    Unlocking and locking the door Awesome startup display
  8. Finally, more than four years after the LF-LC concept vehicle toured Australia, the new Lexus LC can now be seen at a Lexus dealership. This weekend (18-19 February), the Lexus LC 500h will appear at Lexus of Parramatta. I had a quick look at Lexus' new flagship coupe earlier today. It's amazing how much they've carried over from the concept: the overall shape, the huge wheels reaching almost as high as the bonnet, the 3-D tail lights, the flush door handles. This coupe will definitely stand out on the road, no matter which angle you look at it. The dashboard and switchgear are very different from previous Lexus models (or Toyotas, for that matter). They have a more premium feel which are expected to filter down to other Lexus models in the future. Here's some photos and videos taken today. But if you're in Sydney over the weekend, it's definitely worth seeing for yourself.
  9. Has anyone purchased a dash cam for their Lexus? If it's a recent purchase, which model is it, and would you recommend it? if it's not all that recent, what brand was it, and would your recommend people to buy that brand, or avoid it?
  10. I don't remember v18 maps having that problem, so it's the firmware. You can contact a Lexus dealer to see whether they'lol update the firmware. Who knows, it might be free even if you're out of warranty and don't want to get your car serviced there.
  11. Lexus Nerd

    Aussie Smart Key FCC ID

    The FCC ID is HYQ14ACX. Same as the Prius key. It has the same text as shown is pic on the Web. The only difference is that the pic doesn't have the hybrid blue Lexus logo.
  12. Spec and Teddinator gave the most important pointers. How many km has your car travelled, in total, and how old is it? If you bought the car brand new, then the first service at 12 months/15,000 km is free. If your car is used, and the car has low km, but it's up for a relatively expensive service (e.g. 5 year service), talk it over with your Lexus dealer. They may recommend you get a basic service, including an oil and oil filter change - and defer the more expensive replacements until later - such as the fuel filter under the rear seat. Best of all, they'll still stamp your logbook.
  13. Moved out of IS F subforum and into main 2nd Gen IS forum.
  14. Welcome, 5had3z! For "essential mods", are you just referring to mods that are non-mechanical? I guess you wouldn't want to risk a defect notice while still on L's.