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Group Buy - Trd Control Arm Bushes


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i am getting a set of trd control arm bushes from matt. if you want uprated steering response, these are the bushes to get. a simple swap, yet the single best first stage upgrade for steering control.

the bushes are polyurethene.

anyone else interested?



$42AUD Shipped

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a quick googling.. here is a cool faq.. biased to the manufacturer but all the same...


bear in mind that there are alot of moving joints in a car.. so for the altezza/is200/is300 there are 23 different bushes parts for a complete set.. total cost $1904.72 or $1788 for a gb :blink:

as for install.. the workshop will do it.. if myself shane and you do a gb.. we can get the shop to do it for a better price of course!

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