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Lx 300 / Toyota Harrier I Am Confused

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Just found this forum and thought I would give it a try! I bought this car last year and it is badged as a LX 300 which I cant find anything anywhere about it. Today I looked under the bonnet, yes I am female and usually the mechanic does this and found out that it is a Toyota Harrier! Badged everywhere on the outside as Lexus so I am confused. Also when I check my insurance renewal they have listed it as a RX300 (RACV) and obviously this is incorrect. I am looking for a manual or some way to use the screen as it is all in Japanese. I am really looking for some clarification as to what I have actually bought. It has been a great car so far (1999 build) but I would appreciate any feedback from anyone else who owns one.

THanks Sandra :D

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Hi Sandra, welcome to the club.

The Harrier was the Japanese domestic market version of the RX. Virtually identical cars. I suspect somebody has imported a Harrier and "upgraded" it with the Lexus badgework. One point you might want to check is that all Australian-delivered RX are 4 wheel drive, while the Japanese (and American) versions came as either 2 or 4.

I don't know what advice to offer about the screen being in Japanese. It might be a simple firmware swap or might involve changing the whole unit. Hopefully somebody can help with that.

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Lots of little problems that can take a lot of money to correct.

Getting the parts is probably a pain too.

Apart from the badges there's no Lexus owners experience involved with owning that car.

You'd be better off in an Australian original compliance Toyota/Mazda/Hyundai that what you've got.

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