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Air Bag Suspension Not Operating?

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91 Celcior-cannot seem to get the suspension any further than an inch of the ground-&cant find any info about where to start to look at the problem-Handset is like a turbo timer-but is all in jap!Can you modify with struts???anyone else had these drama's.....hoping so!!!

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Had nothing to do with Lexus air suspension, but Range rover ones used to give nothing but trouble.

Height probably controlled with a height sensor on one of the suspension arms. Once predetermined height found stops compressor and suspension raising. Check for broken sensors or wiring.

If you jack the car up with the jack so the wheels are free and try to set up the suspension, what happens then. Is it that the compressor just does not have the guts to lift it any more, or is that there is a leak which prevents it lifting more. Does the compressor run continuously, or does it stop. Lots of things you could probably do to isolate and identify problem.

Let me know how you get on and i'll try and help you through with the knowledge I have!


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