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We have had an oil leak in our car for some time now.

The initial leak was the tappet and cam covers, and this was done around 2 years ago. A couple of months after that was fixed, there was another leak that appears to be coming from behind the timing belt. I think it is the cam shaft itself.

When you take the engine cover off, where you can seem the timing belt, there is a big sticker saying "do not remove". The leak appears to be coming from there.

Has anyone else experinbced this?

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g;day sam it could be the vvti pulley lexus say its not repairable and dont sell the oring seal.but it is doable you just have to remove it remove the 5 10mm bolts be sure to mark it so you can put it back the same way.once apart you will see a large oring it will be hard and brittle.remove and clean get a new oring from a seal supplier.or you can just use rtv ultra grey.put back together and roberts your rello.good luck

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