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What would you do with 10 Million?


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Just imagine this, you have just won the lottery, 10 million. What car are you going to buy? What car for your wife? And the rest of the family?

I would be buying a big enough garage to fit all my dream cars in LOL, then maybe buy the wife a dress LOL

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IS-F and mod (twin turbos!) (400kw+)

Nissan GTR R35 and mod to beat any car on the road (700kw+)

Nissan S15 and mod for street/drift (350kw+)

Nissan Sileighty and mod for street/drift (300kw+)

Honda Civic EK9 Type R and mod as daily drive (150 - 200kw)

Aston Martin DB9 Volante for my mum

and a Lexus CT-200h for my sister

then buy a few houses as investment properties to keep the money coming in, lol

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pay off my current morgage and rent it out, then purchase a $1m property (im in QLD so its plenty!)

pay off parents mortgage and give them enough for a long long holiday and retire $1m

sell off current cars and buy range rover for mrs, E Class AMG as daily and a maserati gran turismo for my toy.

Invest 6-6.5 million in bonds, managed funds, will keep about 1-1.5 mill in cash for business opportunities/quick access.

May take few hundred thousand to buy myself a few watches ive been dreaming about....

sounds a bit stupid but i guess if i really "won" it that's what i'd do

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Invest 9.5 of it then travel with the rest for a few years doing various projects in a heap of countries to keep me amused going off the income the 9.5 is bringing in

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I would certainly buy a big new house or renovate my current one as I want. I've partly renovated my house (installed new upvc windows from https://www.blueskywindows.com.au/windows/ and new doors in all my rooms). But of course if I had such great amount of money I'd redisigned all the rooms and certainly built a terrace and had a huge swimming pool near the house. Maybe one day I'll be lucky and will be able to do that (or will really win a lottery 😁)

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Wow that's so much I'm sure I would have bought a lot of real estate and then already made my big fleet! That would be really cool! And I would open a business! I really want to do something for animals, my daughter wants to have something like this https://kip.com.au/

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