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  1. so, their replacing a faulty airbag, with a newer (still faulty) version? this sounds highly unlikely, considering the size of this recall. keep in mind the cost of the parts + labor to do this, no company would want to undertake it twice
  2. theres an unwritten rule about owning a sports car: dont talk about fuel consumption. its like signing upto the gym but complaining about getting sweaty. its part of the package :)
  3. i went the f-sport purely because of the bucket seats
  4. Remote Start System

    any particular reason why, other than the look at me factor? unless your living in the snow and need to warm up your car for several minutes, its rather pointless. the electric seats warm up within 30 seconds, and the heater within a minute or two. for the engine, just drive slowly for the first minute or so and you will be fine
  5. just talk to some of your elderly family and friends members, ask them where they take their cars for the regular service. if you have a look at your service list of items, most of them are just check this, check that. the only real thing that actually gets replaced is the engine oil and filter, which any mechanic can do, so you dont have to go to a lexus dealership :)
  6. FS: MY13 Lexus IS350 F Sport

    nice car out of curiosity, i thought the f sport models came fully optioned (including sunroof), or it is that a majority of f sport buyers just optioned the sunroof
  7. thanks guys i wonder what type of discussions go on in the telsa forums lol?
  8. turns out my regular mechanic has the giant barrels of engine oil. 5w-30 penrite fully synthetic. saves me from buying it separately!
  9. thanks guys, appreciate it. i did a search on supercheap autos website, and filtered it down to a 5L fully synthetic 5w-30, and the difference between say valvoline and mobil 1 is around $30! im wondering what the difference is, or does it just come down to brand name?
  10. morning all. thought i would reply to this thread than to create a new one am going to service my car soon (114,000km's) and am doing research on which engine oil to use have done quite a bit of reading on various forums with many different recommendations i have shortlisted to either a 5w-30 or 10w-30 fully synthetic engine oil i am in melbourne, so we do get some cold mornings, around 3 degrees, however in summer we can also easily get upto 40 degrees. i mainly drive in traffic, however i do give it a good "workout" several times a week :D just curious to see what engine oil you all currently use? cheers
  11. ive only got a dvd - r 4.7gb (4.4gb) disk, so the original iso wont fit will the 7 zip method to delete the nz maps, make the image smaller and then fit? thanks
  12. thats cool, thanks for the post. however my main concern is how to skip a track? im constantly changing between songs, so the steering wheel controls are essential. otherwise you need to pick up the phone\instruct siri to skip a track
  13. also to add to this: a camry is front wheel drive, a forester is all wheel drive. your is250 is rear wheel drive, so it will handle and behave differently. i have a 350 and find the steering wheel fine, however thru work and personal life i get to drive many cars so it doesnt come as a shock. you should try driving a golf r. even on its normal setting, it was even heavier than the is350 is