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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. To answer your questions: . The smell only comes when the a/c is on, no smell when just running the fan/heater. . Have felt around the footwell area for the carpet being damp, its all dry, so doesnt seem to be leaking directly into the cabin carpet . Culprit is most likely the cabin filter, not sure when this was cleaned/changed last, at least a few years now. Thanks for the heads up about setting the heater controls beforehand as well! . Ensure the drain hose is clear: where abouts do i find this? Thank you!
  2. i consistently get 10.5L over the past few years. mix of suburban and some highway driving. Not bad for a 3.5L 6. ive seen many 2L 4 cylinder's getting the same.
  3. Got my 2nd recall done late last year. didnt bother me too much as the lexus dealer is 2 min drive from work. got a free brand new loan car to put around in for a day plus a car wash 😄 And somehow i had driven over a nail which they noticed and fixed for me too. good job lexus!
  4. Noticed that my car smells like b.o. (body odour) / old socks recently. Did a bit of googling and it may be water leaking into the carpet, or the a/c line being clogged. Any ideas where to check these on a 2011 IS? Cheers! ps: yes i h ave checked all over the car in case there are old socks lying around :P
  5. good suggestion. would the steering wheel controls still work? next, back, volume up/down etc
  6. cheers will do. theres 2 other things bugging me about the car which hopefully i can get sorted as well: 1. drivers seat is squeaking. i believe that this is because the foam inside is rubbing against the frame. looks like a mission to get the drivers seat out of the car properley! 2. my stereo makes bluetooth phone calls, but doesnt stream bluetooth music. am looking to either upgrade to the next model stereo which does, or get some sort of aftermarket plugin. any recommendations on these 2?
  7. I have a 2011 is350 f sport. coming up on 150,000 km's now and am considering if i should sell and move onto a car with lesser km's, or stick with it Do these cars have any major troubles around this km range? Touch wood nothing has gone wrong so far, i have just been servicing as per the book I am considering doing a full transmission fuild change. I know that the book says its a sealed unit for life, however i dont trust that. no oil lasts "for life".
  8. if this dvd enabling/iphone mirroring system works for my 2011 is350 f sport then please put me down
  9. i get this too. but i pretty have my sunroof tilted all the time to let fresh air in.
  10. I purchased the bendix db1852 gct. Is this the wrong brake pad for an f sport? https://catalogue.bendix.com.au/manufacturer/lexus/series/is-2005-on-gse2-ale2-use2/vehicle/250-gse20-153-kw-rwd-sedan-gse20 Lexus IS (2005 On) [GSE2_, ALE2_, USE2_] 250 (GSE20) {153 kW} RWD Sedan [GSE20] DB1852 4 Door Models Dimensions 4 Pads 155 x 60 x 18 mm
  11. So im looking for front brake pads for my 2011 is350 f sport, however almost every site i see only lists the is250 i remember reading somewhere that the pads for both models are the same, could anyone confirm? ive decided to go with bendix general ct for around $80. i spend a majority of my time in peak hour traffic so i dont see the point in getting super high performance pads that only work when warmed up + throw out heaps of dust (had ebc green stuff many years ago and had to clean my rims twice a week, not doing that again!) cheers!
  12. so, their replacing a faulty airbag, with a newer (still faulty) version? this sounds highly unlikely, considering the size of this recall. keep in mind the cost of the parts + labor to do this, no company would want to undertake it twice
  13. theres an unwritten rule about owning a sports car: dont talk about fuel consumption. its like signing upto the gym but complaining about getting sweaty. its part of the package :)