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  1. Front is hot, the rear is just disgusting. Not sure what they were thinking or how that was approved.
  2. With the way the aussie dollar is at the moment, i wont be buying this intake anytime soon 😞
  3. Wouldnt this pipe need to also cater for the maf sensor & Is the end result of doing this more induction sound?
  4. Your wrong there, you can definitley plug an iphone in and it will work just like an ipod, i know because thats what ive been doing for the past few years BUT... The newer the iphone/ios, the glitchier the experience. Eg: Back when i had an iphone 6s plugged in via usb cable, the music worked 100% fine, when i moved to an iphone xr, it started randomly disconnecting, i had to restart the iphone to get it to work correct. But the funny thing is, my mrs has the EXACT same iphone as me, with the exact same ios but my car doesnt recognise her phone at all. I can also plug a usb stick in, but it seems to have a limit in regards to how much music it can actually play. Eg if i put a few gb worth and say 600 songs, it will mostly play the same songs over and over (on random), so out of that 600, its only actually recognising 200
  5. The weak AU$ has made purchasing anything from the states not worthwhile, a $400 intake has a $1200 shipping fee. I will keep looking locally, not many options, and the few that i can see, are from brands ive never heard off
  6. Cool thanks for that. Yes only after sound, i dont expect to get miraculous gains from an intake only. Plus the is350's 233kw is more than enough for a daily driver Can i ask where you purchased your intake from?
  7. Bump for an old thread... Which aftermarket intake is the loudest? From my google search i can see the below intakes available for my car: . K&n . injen . f sport . Spectre - looks a bit cheapie though
  8. Thats interesting, i knew you were allowed to "touch" a mobile phone in a "cradle" for gps, but didnt know it also applied for music functions
  9. Thanks. The laws are really tough here on touching your mobile phone while driving though, cant risk a $400 fine just from changing a song 😞
  10. Love my car, except for the fact i cannot stream bluetooth music. I believe the 2013 updated head unit (with 3 buttons at the bottom instead of 4) streams music. Are there any recent verified modifications which will let me modify my current stereo to stream music or apple car play etc, or is it easy to source/install a 2013 head unit into a 2011?
  11. got a carbon filter from repco for $40, installed in a flash, no more smell! thanks guys, appreciate all the assistance 🙂 also, this run off hose, where can i find it, just to make sure its not clogged
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. To answer your questions: . The smell only comes when the a/c is on, no smell when just running the fan/heater. . Have felt around the footwell area for the carpet being damp, its all dry, so doesnt seem to be leaking directly into the cabin carpet . Culprit is most likely the cabin filter, not sure when this was cleaned/changed last, at least a few years now. Thanks for the heads up about setting the heater controls beforehand as well! . Ensure the drain hose is clear: where abouts do i find this? Thank you!
  13. i consistently get 10.5L over the past few years. mix of suburban and some highway driving. Not bad for a 3.5L 6. ive seen many 2L 4 cylinder's getting the same.