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Lexus Gs300! Need Help!

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Please help guys!

I have a 99 Lexus gs300, I need to know how to set the memorey seats and also I figured out how to put my windows down from the central locking remote but I dont know how to put them up....Also where is a good place to get wheel spacers from perth? and If I do space my wheels out does the wheel automaticly camber out?? since it has IRS :)

Any tips?

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Your auto up function I believe is achieved by inserting your key in the door lock and holding it over to the lock position. Memory seats I think you set the seat where you like it and press and hold the number you want to set it under and then press set. Should hear a beep to acknowledge the setting. If you fit spacers to your hubs it will not alter your camber angle. All it is effectively doing is "Spacing" your hub out, so the hub surface angle will not change.

Hope this helps


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Thanks mate the windows up feature works a treat! but the seat memory didnt go too well :( I think it might not be connected because I have recently found out that all the trims were taken off hence why my central locking is playing up aswell

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