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Vcv10R Es300 Head Gaskets?

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Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I've been back on these forums. I think last time I used the forum was to buy my '01 ES300... which still runs like new :)

Anyway, my cousin needs help looking for a new "finely crafted" automobile. He currently has a '97 Honda Civic... it's a pretty sweet car but the head gasket decided to go south prematurely by itself :(

Anyway, we're in the market for a larger car now since he needs room for the kids in the back as well. So we're back into the Lexus camp and we've set foot on a '93 ES300 for $3200 with 260,000km.

Nice car overall, but we went home and did some research and sources on the internet tell us that the early ES300's (92-96) with the 3VZ-FE engines have lots and lots of head gasket problems... in most cases failing prematurely around cylinder banks 5 and 6???

I know this happened to my friend's '94 V6 Camry not too long ago at just over 100,000kms on the 3VZ-FE engine.

Can anyone confirm this issue for us? We don't want to end up just like the Civic again.

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Hey mate ! Just got

my es300 last night haha . It's a shame the es300 forum is

not active . Yeah the 3vzfe engine is known to headgasket problems . It's a very strong engine though that's why alot of mr2 guys are putting it in their engines . Head gasket normally goes around 100,000kms plus . If you're interested I got a link from the mr2 guys for cheapskates head gasket parts . Approx 100 bucks

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