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Hello every one , i hope that questing became before but i should ask 

I have Lexus IS300h 2020 (luxury SR) AVE30


1.Can i add to car comfort enrty system? 

2.Can i add front fog light (with button - if i have original wire in front bumper ?)

3.in non ML sound , have amplifire ? if yes possible add like original subwoofer? in original place?

4.How i can to know if i have Automatic adjust headlight level?

5.possible replace the headlight (front) from F-Sport ?(i mind full led ?) 


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1. Yes with alot of money and parts

2. No for OEM yes for aftermarket

3.All Systems have amps and your car already has a sub

4.if u dont have headlight adjust dial on your dash trim piece its auto headlights

5. Yes with alot of money and parts

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