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hi, i have just joined the site, previously i had a is200 sports luxury, 6 speed, and found it a great car to drive. then the 2 kids came along and found it too small in the boot to fit the pram, so went for a territory, after owning the territory for a few years i really wanted to get back into another lexus. so i have just bought a black 2004 rx330 sports luxury with 68,000 km on it.

cheers Phil

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can't even begin to compare the difference in ride between the territory & the lexus. one thing i have noticed with the lexus is that it has a little rattle when first started until oil pressure builds up. it does have new synthetic 5/30w engine oil and a new filter. but i think i'll change to a genuine filter to see if that fixes it.

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I had a similar tappet noise on start up with 5w30 in my Altezza. Went to 0w40 & problem solved. I'm going to try 0w30 next service. I'd recommend only using genuine filters. Aftermarket ones can be hit n miss with quality.

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