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Will petrol ever become redundant?


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Will petrol ever become redundant? Will they ever actually find a way to replace it? We can ship a man to the moon but cannot find proper alternative fuels! what do you think?

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I believe it will.....one day. As for shipping a man to the moon. I'm not actually sure that really ever happened. I mean....1969, leave the earth, orbit around the moon, land with a space lander, walk around a bit, get back in, launch then re-dock then re-enter earths atmosphere, land in the ocean and all is well!! In 1969. You know the trouble we have with complicated technology now, so can you imagine that really ever happening back then!!!???????

Conspiracy theorist I think may just have this one in the bag!!!

And of all the people to recently take a picture of a moon landing spot.....guess who......NASA!!!!!!! Hm, questionable in my opinion.

Petrol yes.....moon no!! :D

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hopefully not in my life time

i wanna be able to drive cars with big powerful engines

you should watch this video with jeremey clarkson

i agree with all thats in the video

i may not be old enough to be able to afford expensive cars, but one day i will

and i dont want the little problem of not having enough oil left ruin it!

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