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Hi guys,

First time posting and first time owning a Lexus. I love the car but the navigation issue is getting me frustrated.

I have a 07 model IS250 sports luxury.

My navigation system was working well and suddenly did not work a few days ago. The maps work, but there is no voice-guidance. Everytime i set an address, it will say"voice guidance will start when on blue line" but after that there is no turn by turn voice. I even click on the map/voice button and there is no sound as well. The only sound i will hear is when I am almost reach my destination it will say "you have reached your destination".

Another issue as well is that when the route guidance is on, even if i take a wrong turn it will not re-route on the screen. It will just show me travelling the wrong route with no blue lines to lead me back to the right direction.

I have checked all the settings that the Auto Voice guidance is on and Voice Guidance in all mode is on as well. I even tested the volume and hear the voice guidance lady with no problem.

Please advice as I cant seem to find anyone having this problem.


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It's almost behaving like you have the SatNav hack installed although lack of sound is not part of that modification.

Did you test a new NavDVD in case the DVD is faulty/damaged?

I suppose with a 2007 model that warranty cover is out of the question.

I see you're in Melbourne so if it were me, I would take the car to one of the better (reputation on this board) Lexus dealers (for Sydney - Lexus Chatswood) and ask them to identify and quote the fix. You "might" need to give them a budget for their investigative work.

Then, depending upon their report, you should know your options. You might be in line for a trip to several wreckers and buy the part there. (I've had good results at GMS Spares 02 9774 5184)

Let us know how it goes.

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