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Hi all

new to the forums. i have a 1990 ls400 that has a a/c gas leak but the wierd thing is that the a/c lights including the recirc and fanon the centre console flicker on and off randomly in unison. is this the result of a gas leak or is it due to something else? the radio and cd buttons works fine on the centre and are not affected. im thinking it could be a grounding problem

any help would be apprieciated.

also hats the best way to find the source of the leak?

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Hey Mate,

You might have already fixed your A/C but the best way is with the dye and ultraviolet light. The best thing you can do though is take it to a specialist. They will have all the gear and find the leak efficiently. Your lights flickering on the A/C panel may just be down to a loose connector on the back of the panel, could even be poor terminal tension in one of the plugs.

Hope this helps


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