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Feedback So Far?


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Hi all,

Currently a is250 owner... looking at the CT now... just wanted some feedback on any issues or any little things that you are not liking or flip side of that... anything that you are loving about your CT.....Love to know what to expect IF i take the plunge and order one...


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As a former IS250 owner I'm not all disappointed with changing over to the CT200h. I changed from an IS250 Prestige to a CT200h Sports Luxury.

Admittedly the CT200h doesn't have the power as that of the IS250 but I enjoy not having to fill-up as frequently as I used to do with the IS250 and of course the much lower fuel consumption.

In my case, financially my monthly payments went down as well as my insurance premiums.

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My partner acquired a CT200h 'Luxury" about six months ago. I have often been driving it over that period of time and I have been so smitten with it I have traded my IS250 on a CT200h f Sport (arriving in two or three weeks), I like the comfort, the quiet, the build quality and of course the economy is a given. I went on a 1,200km trip recently and despite what some people say about the performance, I found that out on the open road it was quite a 'pocket rocket'. That settled it for me and I know I am going to love the little CT more than most cars I have owned including Mercedes and a few Lexus. There's a feel good factor about the CT that is hard to explain and seems to grow on you.

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