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Ct200H - Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Ben Murdoch

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Hi Everyone,

Another audio related question.

Does anyone have Bluetooth Streaming Audio working on their CT?

I assume that Sat Nav models have it here in Oz ( even a $15k Hyundai i20 has it!)

Looking at this youtube vid it seems to be standard with Sat Nav overseas:

Can anyone help as I cant see the 'Audio' option as mentioned in the video?!?

Am I missing something or has Lexus neglected to give us this option in Oz??



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I play music from my iPhone through the car's audio but I don't do it via a Bluetooth connection (only use Buetooth for the telephone connection).

I use a 20cm cable from the iPhone into the USB connector and it works perfectly and the iPhone is being charged at the same time. Here's the link from where I purchased it:


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I have to say that while I certainly appreciate that you've offered some help on this topic, it's entirely embarrassing and such a cheap and silly move on Lexus's part to have such a 1990 display system and audio controls. Honestly, we LOVE our Lexus and i do mean LOVE LOVE LOVE :) however the audio / display component is kind of unforgivable...

I've searched all over the net to try and find solutions to this for us here in Australia, but it appears that we Australian's have been screwed somehow as the US and other country CT200H have BLUETOOTH STREAMING which slightly compensates for the terrible interface.

Why can't we upgrade this??? People I know would pay money to do so... Don't you want our money anymore Lexus??

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