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Is200 Slow?

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Hey guys,

I'm thinking about getting an IS200 as my first car and was just wondering if they are slow. I've read they only make 114kW and thought that seemed a small amount for the size car it is. Also is the any mods to do to these cars to get considerable gains eg cams etc (not turboing it).

Cheers, Tristan.

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The IS200 is a slow car, if you want more power go for the IS300, the car it self is quite heavy and the engine was built for economy as apposed to power. There are a few mods like air filters and extrators and exhaust but they are all quite small gains for the 1g-fe engine. best bet is to turbo/supercharge or change engine. But to me the IS200 is a cruiser not a racer, enjoy the luxuries of the car and cruise by. To give you an estimate of how fast they are they are rougly the same as a corolla.

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The problem is the 1IS is quite heavy - 1300+ kg - and the 1G-FE does not lend itself to modifications - even those suitable for a first car owners limitations. If you did choose to upgrade it in the future (I assume you are on your P's), the best bet would be to fit a 3S-GE (easy to find on eBay and similar).

The IS200 is a good first car if you've got the budget for it (excellent handling, good brakes, good vision), but it's not going to win any traffic light grand prix's.

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Yep. IS200 (1G-FE) is slow. Some things to consider though.

- If you decide to buy an IS200, make sure it's a manual so you can take advantage of every last KW.

- Nothing wrong with an auto, but it will be more slower than the manual version.

- Excellent handling and braking.

- IS200 is quite economical on fuel. (Mine is doing 9.1L/100, using Shell V-Power 98, car is stock, 6MT, and regularly serviced, ~80% urban driving).

- Servicing is affordable, anyone familiar with Toyota will have no issues working on them.

- IS300 (2JZ-GE) is the better option if you want more power and torque - most come in auto.

- If you are real keen on sporty driving RS200 JDM (3S-GE) is also something to consider - just be prepared to really row through the gears.

my 2c :)

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It is a real slow car, not built for a racing but it's comfortable inside. If u wanna keep it stock as can be, try to remove something that u don't need, make it light weight is the only thing to do, add a bit of power plus light weight souls help a bit. However don't expect too much if u r not gonna change the engine.

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