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Is200 Which Engine Oil To Use?

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Hi Guys, I have recently bought a 2002 model Lexus IS200 automatic that is on 148,000klm's and was wanting to service it by changing the engine oil and the automatic transmission oil. I have been online reading previous posts and looking on all the major oil manufactorers websites and have become confused on which one as each manufacturer is recommending a different oil see below:

Engine (1G-FE)


  • Premium - HELIX ULTRA 5W-40 ( B)
  • Standard - Helix HX7 10W-40

Link to Website


  2. Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 or
  4. CASTROL EDGE 5W-30 A3/B4

Link to Website


  1. Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30 Long Life Engine Oil (SYN5W30

Link to Website


  1. HPR 5 now replaces Everyday Full Synthetic 5W-40
  2. RACING 10W-40

Link to Website

I have also heard good things of the brand Royal Purple, Please give me your thoughts on which oil is suited to my car and conditions here in Australia, I am after the best for performance and protection willing to pay premium if it is worth it.

Also I should note that the car engine does seem to run very hot although the engine temp is on normal compared to my previous car not sure if this is normal with this model car or if there is something else I need to look at.

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Personally I'd go with a good quality 5w-30 like Mobil1, Shell Helix Ultra or Castrol Edge (in that order). The Nulon long life looks alright to with a VI of 169.

Stay away from 10w-40 semi syn.

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Personally I'd go with a good quality 5w-30 like Mobil1, Shell Helix Ultra or Castrol Edge (in that order). The Nulon long life looks alright to with a VI of 169.

Stay away from 10w-40 semi syn.

What's wrong with semi syn? (As in why should it be avoided?)

Stock 1G-FE is nothing special. Obviously the 3S-GE is the more superior and high reving engine needing fully syn oil.

I use semi syn (obviously fully syn is better), with no issues and it seems to do an adequate job for daily driving.

Currently using Mobil 10w-40 Semi Syn

I used to use Castrol 10w-40 Magnatec (semi-syn)

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I am thinking of going fully synthetic as I want the best for the engine either 5 or 10-w30 I understand that the smaller the first number the quicker it will circulate through the engine and the second being the running temperature and supposedly the older the car the thicker you want the oil to be so that it doesn't burn the oil as quick as a result greater duration between oil changes correct me if i am wrong.

Today I bought Nulon complete fuel system cleaner when filling up also thinking of buying liqui moly engine flush for when I replace the engine oil please give me your ideas on both products are they effective and worth buying.

When doing the oil change I understand it is necessary to change the oil filter, which filter is best the original Lexus part or a cooper/ryco one from autobarn. Also is there a gasket kit required to change the transmission oil and again is it better to buy the genuine Lexus kit.

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Not saying semi syn is bad just 10w-40. It's full of VI additives which can break down easly when the motor is hot thus reducing protection & turning to sludge. Not saying this will happen in a car that is driven under normal conditions but it can. I'd rather avoid the chance of it happening altogether by running a grade that will hold together when the going gets tough. 5w-30 is the perfect all round oil for NSW & VIC, especially fully synthetic. Give it a try next service iseekool & tell me if you don't think your engine runs smoother & is more responsive.

kamanli, I wouldn't bother with engine flush, just drop the oil when it's hot so it runs out easier. Stick with a genuine toyota/denso filter or if you must go after market then try track down WIX brand & yes you have to change them every service.

The Havoline 5w-30 C3 you got is a good choice. (I just chose those 3 out of what was available on the supercheap site.)

I use 0w-30 in my 3SGE but that still quiet hard to find downunder. It's pretty much standard use for the yanks. A lot of them even use 0w-20 & 5w-20 but I wont confuse you with that just yet.

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Hi, I am now using Royal Purple for my is200 and it's only ran under 100k so I am still using 5w30, but heard from the mechanics that it would be better go for 10w30 after 100k.

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It's a bit more complicated than that unfortunately. The number on the front of the bottle only tells half the story. You need to look at the full specs like the Kinematic Viscosity & High Temp/High Shear Viscosity. Basically you can get thick & thin 5w-30 etc. If you're running 5w-30 & it's not using any oil then I'd keep using it. I'm running 0w-30 in both my cars, one has done 134K & the other 156K. Neither use a drop between 10K services.

Which Royal Purple are you running, standard or HPS?

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