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Found A Cool Bike Rack For Ct200H


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To carry a bike on a CT200h, My friend have bought a roof rail and roof rack from rackcity.com.au, ended up cost him over AUD$700 for the rack rail and the bike holders.

There is nothing wrong using a roof bike rack, but the height of your car after carrying the bikes will 100% stop you entering any undercover car park. So I ended up didn't go for the roof rack option.

I moved to look for bike rack for hatch back, but i don't like most of them are blocking the number plate and the tail lights.

I spotted a very good bike rack overseas and I would like to share for everyone who want to carry bikes with you CT200h. I can enter undercover car park as long as height allowance is 2.2meters (i think 2.1 meters will do for flat bar bike).

please see my post here for the pictures and details.



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Thanks Howard! i've been searching for something as well. I'm a bit worried about going into carparks as well (my apartment has underground parking) so I've been looking for something suited to the hatch.

I might get one like this: http://www.cellbikes.com.au/Allen-Bike-Rack-103D

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