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Hi all - another newbie here. Have silver original 93 LS400 (from UK) with abt 90K miles on it. Fantastic car - dream to drive. So cheap luxury.

I recently replaced the rear pads (prob originals) with EBC (Green) made in UK. Really noticed the difference also.

Prob is the dash pad warning light hasn't gone out - is there any resetting things I needed to do after the pads went in. Front pads are fine.

Other things down the track:

  • CD stacker stuffed - replace with DIN facia and drive unit - where could I obtain these things (located Brisbane) and how difficult to install
  • Tacho / Speedo very intermittent - US site suggests its related to the lubrication on the needle drive spindles - as they seem to activate on a longish drive or when the car's been in the sun. Any tips on motivating these or "cleaning" the shafts. Dash has been to highly recommended instrument repairer before without any long term success
  • Little rattle in RH drivers door with window down - how do you remove the door trim

Any help appreciated. Thanks

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On the driver sides front wheel there is a sensor (really just a wire that goes down to a connector on the brake pad.

It breaks by design when pads need changing. So everytime its time to change pads you have to replace the sensor.

Easiest way? pull the wire off the connector and join the two wires up creating a loop. The lights will go out.

CD stacker is common on any car overtime. Dont bother. Leave everything there for original look. Just buy yourself a bluetooth USB mp3 player off ebay that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

Tacho Speedo. Have you try smacking the dash? The Needles have a lubricant that gets stuck especially when the weather is warm. Cold weather isnt too bad. There is a write up on the internet on how to pull the speedo out and clean the affected needle areas.


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On the 1993 model there are sensors on each wheel and in the UK they cost over £45.00 each so as advised above remove the sensor head ( the black plastic bit that clips into the pad) and then join the 2 wires together and tape up out of the way.

This will remove the warning light but of course you will have to check the pad wear regularly as he warning system will no longer work.

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You can also do what the Lexus dealer does here to save you $280 each side , if you look at the black plastic piece you will see 2 wire ends where the plasic rubbed away and the the wire broke. merely solder a new wire across the ends which will put out the light and still give you warning when the pads get low as the soldered in wire will break when the pad gets low. you have about 2000 km [depending on how you drive] after the light comes on before you do damage to the discs.

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