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New Lexus Owner Near Rocky/gladstone (Incl Pics)


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Hi All

Im a very happy new owner of a 2000 model IS200 Automatic Sports Luxury! Got it around Christmas time and have done the following things so far.

  1. Oil change, new air filter, cleaned engine up with degreaser
  2. Replaced cd player with bluetooth one, removed stock amp, replaced the "eight" speakers with 4 jvc ones, added sub and amp
  3. shined up the tail pipe as best i could but black sooty rough stuff is still on it which i cant seem to get off
  4. repaired power mirror and electric head beam level switch
  5. sand papered front headlights to clean them up and smooth off dimples
  6. seat covers
  7. new battery
  8. cleaned up wheels as best i could but still pretty dirty and scratches are present on the spokes
  9. replaced the long antenna with a shorter one

Its still pretty stock really and i have only done small things to it. Im not an expert by any stretch and I look most of my material on the web before i attempt any sort of repair. It looks well looked after but there a quite a few scratches all over especially the front guard at the bottom cause of driveways etc.

anyways if there is any sort of meet in the rockhampton/gladstone area in central queensland id probably be interested.








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