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Lexus Is200, Pros And Cons

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Hey guys, I'm in the market for a Lexus IS200, and want to know a few things.

My brother just bought an Accord Euro Luxury so for me to buy a Lexus IS200 it has to be better than the Accord :D

1. Is it better than the Accord Euro?

2. What are some common problems with the IS200?

3. Am I better off getting a second hand one?

4. Is it shameful to get an Automatic? does it come TipTronic?

5. Does it come standard with Leather Seats?

6. What is so good about this car?

7. How is the handling on the car (given that it is FR)?

8. Does it come with TCS? or any other assists?

I currently own a Nissan 200SX S14a, I'm getting sick of loud noises and stuff. Any help would be great! thanks!

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