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Hey Guys,

I noticed the other day that my cd stacker stopped working, Seems to have no power and there is no reponse from pressing the load or Eject buttons. The Radio and Nav unit all work fine and when i press the DVD player function button it simply says no disc.

I checked all the fused under the dash and they seem fine and even tried pulling the power from the battery and leaving it to reset for a while, but the problem still exists. Next step is for me to pull the unit out and see if i can see anything wrong with it, will be good to know where to start looking.

Has anybody else come across the same issue with only the stacker before?

P.S. its a 2006 is250 with Nav



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I know you said that you have checked all fuses. But have you checked ALL the fuses.

I had a problem on an isF where a similar thing happened and it was a really random fuse. The nav. Stereo. Clock. And bits on the dash have about 6 different fuses to power bits and pieces. And the fuse was a really wierd one that also has something to do with the power mirrors and windows.

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Hi LEX51S,

Thanks for the reply, the fuses i checked were the ones under a white cover under the dash, is there any other ones around the car i should be looking for?


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