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Anyone Done Suspension Mods On Their Rx330/350/400?

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hi all

I have an 07 RX 350 completely unmodified...at this stage.

Reasonably happy with the car, except that I find the handling/suspension quite soft and uninvolving for a driver. I know that's how they designed it, but I wonder if anyone has improved their own suspension at all?

Not looking at dropping the car drastically, maybe a max of 10-20mm. But I'm really after a stiffer though not uncomfortable ride. Kinda like a BMW!



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Yep, dropped mine with Toyota TTE springs, 25mm from memory. Less bodyroll, feels much better around corners, tad stiffer ride but not unsettling.

Looks a heck of alot better too, riding on 19's ;)

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I'm looking to change the current revised suspension system on my RX 350, even with design changes made and claimed by Lexus; I have noticed that it is not as comfortable to drive over rough bumpy surfaces and every time I go over speed humps, I feel like something is going to fall off.

I have previously owned a Ford Territory which was and made entirely in Australia and therefore is made to ride very comfortably over rough terrain and handle speed humps as if they weren't there.

I am not looking at lowering the height of the suspension at all, but I am looking at more driving response, especially less boat like as it is already a huge step in front of a Toyota Kluger which is based on the same chassis platform. I am also not looking at changing the rims and/or tyres at this stage, as by stock; they are riding on 18's as pictured from this provided link: http://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11349

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