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Hi there everyone, I am new to the forum and need some advice on which (If any) springs to buy for a 2007 IS250X. As you would all know it came out with 18 Inch wheels and factory Sports Suspension. The problem I have is plenty of places stock lowered springs for the IS250 but as my IS250X came lowered as standard I have no idea who to ask or where to go? Many of the places I have asked have said "If it's already lowered I doubt these springs will make it any lower." Whilst the ride height is reasonable and looks better than stock it definately still needs to come down as I now have 19 Inch rims. It probably needs 1.5 - 2 Inches lower at the front & 2-2.5 Inches lower at the rear. If this has been discussed before I sincerely apologise but I searched and read all I could find on lowered springs. I couldn't find anything about lowering the 2007 IS250X more than factory. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best Wishes to all, Junior.

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I have just put in the Megan coil springs.Im very happy with how it looks.It only dropped around 1.5inches all round.If you want lower than that, dont waist your time with coils.get coilovers ( just over $1000 from ebay ) and its adjustable.

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