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New Kid On The Block - Melbourne

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Hi guys,

thought I'd finally join after lurking in the shadows and admiring others' rides.

I am looking to purchase a 2007 IS250 very shortly (gotta be manual!!) as I've loved the cars since they came out.

I've had my fair share of WRX's, STI's, etc..and I know the Lexus is nowhere near as powerful (my cars were heavily modded) but it's time to 'grow up' and get a gorgeous little luxury 'sedan'.

I've been tossing up between a E92 BMW 325i and the Lexus, and as much as I love the BMW's (the coupe is ridiculously good looking), I can't bring myself to drop $40K on a car in this economic climate.

Oh, that and the fact if you break a cup holder in the Beemer, it costs about $490 to replace.

So here I am.

MikeCitizen, from Melbourne.

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Welcome MikeCitizen. I think you're going to love the standard features, build quality and reliability of the Lexus.

Is there a specific manual IS 250 you're about to buy, or are you still shopping around?

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Hey there,

nothing specific, still shopping around.

Plan is to spend as little as possible, to make way for wheels, exhaust and cold air intake.

Has anyone been able to extract ANY extra power out of their IS ?

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