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Want A Sneak-Peak Inside Motorex?

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We’re getting closer and closer to Meguiar’s MotorEx – The car show that should have been marked on your calendars since the start of the year!

This year’s event is going to be huge. The quality of metal being put on display is second to none, and it’s already shaping up to be something special.

We’re able to bring you a sneak-peak of what you can expect to see inside the dome. Across all classes there have been a number of spectacular entries, so the judging panel is going to have a hard time selecting winners from such a collection of fine automobiles.


Kicking things off is Kevin San’s Hakosuka Skyline. This stout piece of JDM muscle has a huge fan base across internet forums and it’s not hard to see why. Packing a stroked L series power plant with triple carbs hanging off the side, we’re sure a lot of people will come just to have a peep at this thing.


All stars founder Sergio Capozzi and his Vertex Ridge widebody S15 will also be attending the show in the Street Elite category. Proudly wearing its Midnight Purple duco and a fat set of 20-inch Work Meisters, this car means business and leaves a huge impression wherever it goes.


Making his way up from Canberra is Nathan Ross in his Toyota Supra. Rocking a genuine TRD widebody kit and pumping out 600 horsepower at the rear bags, this streeter is a super neat all round package. It’s purposeful build and balanced approach is something you don’t see too often with Supra’s and there’s nothing it can’t do – Cruise, drag or circuit.


Yonas Liu from JDMyard will have his race-prepped DC5R racecar at the event. Sporting a plethora of Mugen bits and pieces, this car is certainly one for the diehard Honda fans. If that isn’t enough for you, just peer inside and get a look at the insane roll cage work and stripped interior – certainly a hardcore track weapon.


Matt Robinson’s time attack S14 is more racecar then anything out there. Rocking tough aero put together via a combination of Vertex Ridge parts and custom SX developments diffusers and spoilers, the main aim for this machine is to punch out ridiculous lap times wherever it may roam. Under the hood lies a full NIZPRO-built forged engine with ancillaries such as the turbocharger upgraded to a HKS item.


And last but not least, proudly waving the European flag is Aaron Vumbaca in his BMW M3. With a list of modifications too long to even start on, this Bavarian beast is just simply one of the toughest M3s getting around on Sydney’s streets. With DTM touches such as the vented guards, it pays homage to the cars roots in motorsport and wouldn’t look out of place at all on the Nürburgring.

This is just an appetizer on what will be on display at MotorEx this year. There will be plenty more drool-worthy cars dotted around inside, and the only way to really experience it is to come on down and check it out for yourself!

Keep an eye on this thread as we’ll be updating it with more fresh content on what you can expect to see at MotorEx this year.

Check out www.motorex.com.au for further details

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MotorEx Superstars – Profiled!

The Meguiar’s Superstars class is the pinnacle of automotive achievement. It’s where the greats of the modified car scene are pitted against each other and whoever comes out on top, and win a share in the prize pool of $55,000 cash.

So one can imagine the judging and cars selected for these categories are customised like no-other. The top class is divided into two sub classes – Hot Rod and Street machine. Let’s have a peak into what can be expected in both categories of these super-elite builds.

Top Hot Rod qualifiers.


Phil Robinson‘s’39 Ford Tudor was awarded entry into the Top Hot Rod class at Summernats this year. Wearing classic billet rolling stock and finished in a quality emerald green paint scheme, Phil’s Tudor is right up there with the best.


Venturing all the way from Western Australia is the one and only “SASSYLADY’ ’32 Tudor owned by Pamela Quinn. Built by TC Hot rods in the back of a tiny shed, this masterpiece takes the old school American rodding style and mixes it up with some Australian flare.


Andrew Gibson’s ’32 Ford Pickup is something a little different for the class. Rodded tray backs and getting scarce in the scene, so it’s wicked to see one that made the cut into this class. From head to toe the car is detailed, including a full polished and painted undercarriage that’s clean enough to eat your brekkie from.

Street Machine qualifiers


Mark Tarabay’s ‘Sublime’ S15 stands out for one reason in particular. No, it’s not the insane candy green paint. Nor is it the suicide door conversion. It’s the 13B engine conversion that gets conversations going with this car. Possibly one of the more controversial modified imports in this category, people either love it or hate it – which is why it made the cut.


‘choppt’ is unlike another other HQ Monaro to date. With its lowered roofline and massive tubs, Jody Vincitorio’s ride looks super west-coast and tough as nails. The staggered trumpet setup takes the cake however, and is possibly the most crazy intake setup we’ve seen in a long time!


You cannot have a Street Machine category without a good old Prem’. Sam Caruana and his ’75 HJ Premier sport the quintessential Australian style of building a tough streeter – Billets, A injected and blown eight and some trick bodywork. This one’s definitely a crowd pleaser, that’s for sure.

With the other entries stacking up to be just as quality, the competition is stiff and everyone will be gunning for that number one spot. Wonder who will earn themselves a share in the $55K and title of Best of Breed Hot Rod and Street Machine Champion for 2012? Head down to MotorEx and be there to witness it firsthand.

Ticket and date info can be found at www.motorex.com.au !

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MotorEx 12 – 2 minutes with Greg Maskell

Greg Maskell is known around the hot rodding and custom car scene for building some super tough rides. First starting out as Revhead restorations, later changing the shop name to Maskell’s Customs and Classics, Maskell started modifying cars at the ripe young age of 17.


Kicking his career off with an LC Torana, he has progressed from toying with his own rides to on to running a complete workshop which has, on a good day, at least 11 rides getting plenty of custom work. From concourse show cars to elite street vehicles, there isn’t nothing this guy and his team of four cannot tackle. One particular car that seems to catch the lime light wherever it goes, is the ‘PSYCHO’ XF Falcon.

Interested to see what he has to say about a car which has had over 10,000 man hours put into it? Check out the clip below.

Visit www.motorex.com.au for more information on the event!

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One minute with Jody Vincitorio and ‘CHOPPT’

Jody and his car are the definition of passion. Well put it this way, he had to postpone his wedding for eight months until the car was finished. Don’t we all wish our wives-to-be could be so understanding!


Over $100,000 later and nearly three years in the making, ‘CHOPPT’ tickled the judges’ fancy at Summernats earlier this year. The candy apple green HQ Monaro is simply a work of art, and pictures do not do it any justice. Come check it out this weekend at MotorEx!

Here’s a short clip with the man himself.

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