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Hi guys!

I'm new to the forum and also new to cars/ car mods.

I really like the front badge plastic which comes with the stock grille(1), but i'verecently had a sports grille(2) installed and i was just wondering if there

was a simple way for me to attach it. I'm thinking using a grinder to take off the clips(3) and just using adhesive after but I just wanna get some opinions from

experienced people because I've seen them attached together on photos from the net. Also is there a certain kind/brand of adhesive I should use?

These might be really newb questions but any help at all would be appreciated! Thanks!







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Cheers for the reply!

Yea i actually have the badge already it came off my stock 03 grille.

And your link just answered my questions, I guess cutting and double sided tape it is!

Thanks mate!

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