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Rx330 Cd Player Sat Nav Change Over?

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Hi new forum member so go easy!

My wifes 2004 330 has and continues to have the dreaded error 4 pop up from time to time, (I only know this because I drove it the other day and found out).

My query is has any one tried to replace the current unit with a unit from a later model wreck?

somethin later may have more useful functions as well including bluetooth (which she is pestering me for)

I guess another option may be the aftermarket ipod connections which I personally have no issue with but the wife likes her old cd's and can't be stuffed plugging anything extra in (apart from the seatbelt)

Maybe there is a wrecker or tech out there can could point me in the right direction of whether or not this is a feasible idea?

any idea's welcome, and no she's not getting a new one.. (I have another Harley to buy first)



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Can you swap the radio head unit with an aftermarket unit ? Yes, I've seen it done.

Can you swap the RX330 sat nav system / screen with the RX350 ? No, cannot be done. The CAN network / system in the 350 is totally different.

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