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Lexus Of Chatswood Does It Again!

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Decided to get my isf a pamper treatment with a full interior/exterior detail. I asked them to see if they could remove a scratch/scuff mark from the drivers side interior door panel which i was fully to blame for. They mentioned on the phone that they removed the mark.

When I picked the car up this afternoon, the scratch was still there. I mentioned this to Scott who agrees that they forgot to look at this upon detailing the car.

His response: "I'll just order the entire interior drivers panel for you from Japan".

This is unbelievable service from them. I was not expecting this response fom them:). Totally awesome customer service from them yet again.

That's why I've bought 3 cars from them in 10 years and why I will buy from them in the future.

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I had a similar experience with these guys in terms of great service (from Scott) was selling my IS250 and had a dude turn up wanting to buy the car for $500 more than the listed price on the proviso that he could take it right then and there plus he wanted Lexus to inspect the car (which he paid for). I called Lexus expecting them to tell me to book in in later in the week. Scott said that they were fully booked, i explained my situation and he told me to bring it down and he will sort something out.

Which he did so the car was sold and i was back at the dealership buying my next Lexus (An ISF)

Same with a weird computer glitch that was going on when i had the IS250, they picked up the car, left me a loan car and sorted it without charge and brought the car back (car warranty had expired)

Great service with these guys ay!

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