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How To Connect To The Aftermarket Bluetooth - Help!

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Hello there, finally brought a 2007 IS250 prestige last weekend, beautiful car, easy to drive, love it.

Now, I have a problem, there is an aftermarket bluetooth device attached, I can't find any manual how to connect with my iphone, I asked the Lexus service centre, they have no idea too.

Is anyone have the same thing installed? what brand & any manuals i can find online? Pleae help me out!!! Thanks.



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I bought the car from the dealer (helpless) where the 1st owner bought from, I asked the service centre they said this wasn't installed by them. The dealer called the owner who doesn't care the car which has been sold.....

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to be very honest, usually a combination of buttons that will get it ready to pair, try some or google it, if its nokia than combination will be commmon among all of their's if it makes sense?

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Spent time google it, saw the same controller on couple of websites and I finally know what brand it is; ViseeO CK250.

Contacted the friendly ViseeO people in Taiwan and got the user manual. I can now making and receiving phone calls, yeah!

Thank you guys for the advice. Evan

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