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Manualising Your Auto... Have You Done It?

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hi guys

i have a celsior 1UZ in the R32 skyline im building.

As the plan is mostly for the odd drag but mostly street driving, i opted to keep the auto, but have installed a stage 1 shift kit and 2800 rpm stally. i have also manualised my automatic - using an electronic valve body and B&M pro ratchet shifter... originally, the auto sparky that hooked it all up wired the over drive to a relay controlled by the ecu. im not sure what the output was setup for, but the trouble is, its not working and im pretty sure its not hard to fix, so im keen to sort it out myself.

esentially, what i want to do, is wire over drive up to a switch so i can manually control when its on/off. from what i can gather, there is a red wire that i need to put power to - this is what will turn over drive on... is this correct? i found a very vague wiring diagram of how the auto sparky set it up and it looks like the only wire to the gearbox he is using, is the red wire and power to it is controlled by the ecu via a relay - how and why its now working, i dont know.

anyway. would i be correct if i was to trace the wiring back, find the red wire and run power to it via a switch - turning the over drive on and off?

Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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