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Lpg Backfiring Issue With Lexus Gs300

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Hi, I have Lexus gs300 1997 (2JZGE) Sydney Australia, I have converted my car to LPG, now the problem is backfiring. Every time it backfire, it breaks a big plastic part which is part of air intake, as a result the airmeter does not work and car does not work on petrol but on LPG, it works fine.

I already have change the plug and wire with Lexus Genuine.

Please advice me what to do.


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Never thought I saw LPG thread in the lexus forum lol. Owning a Landcruiser and have had LPG before, ive had a little exp in it

This is what fixed it backfiring

1. LPG plugs from NGK

2. TOP GUN leads compatible with LPG, spiral wiring,

3. Taking out the hyclone from inside the airintake helped.

4. An old remedy also is to keep the spark plug cables a few millimetres apart not scrunched together to prevent arching.

I get about 21.5l/100 on gas around town so not too bad. Like to know what it does on the freeway.

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