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Clunking Noise..while Sitting In Car And Turning Streeing Wheel Right

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Hi There,

I have RX350 2010 and has only done 38000 km and makingg some sort of clunking noise while u trun the streeing wheel right or left...also make the same sort of noise while someone sit in the car...this noise annoys me a lot and for a luxury car like lexus its issue of prestie as well..I went to Blackburn dealeship and they said its normal in all car...I tested other RX 35o and no noise at all...now they are goin to check the car again and lets see what will be the result...

This will be my 4th visit to blackburn and still they are just ignoring the issue...last option for me will be to call Lexus australia and recolve the issue..

has anyone facing the same issue..please help..??


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clunking noise when you turn sharp at slow speeds could be the CV joints....although that's usually more a clicking sound...

Very surprising on a car with such a low mileage..

Having said that, my 2007 RX's front bearing failed at 60,000km, and I've never had that on any car before!

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Lexus Australia do not have the ability to monster a dealership but they can make sure the correct process is followed. The Lexus Customer Assistance Centre will just direct you back to the dealership. Technical and service related escalations go up to Lexus technical and warranty. The service manager will to this if necessary.

To me it sounds like a CV joint. Even on low km vehicles this can be caused by a split rubber boot allowing dirt to get in.

A Lexus dealer will at least diagnose the problem for you

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