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Looking For A Second Hand Is250, Wanting Some Advice Please

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Thanks for the wealth of information on this forum everyone. I've browsed through the site a bit and I'm thinking of buying a second hand IS250, budget under $28k and prefer silver/white in colour. Below 100k mileage (less the better) either Sports Luxury or Prestige with EMV pack. I like the features with the EMV. I'd like some advice about mileage, the car below seems reasonable but the mileage is a bit high. After the 90k service, what type of problems or issues are there ? Does the car below look like a reasonable buy ? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Another option is this one but without EMV pack and quite expensive.


Any thoughts?

Thank you.

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If you can find a SL without too much price diff, definitely get that as its worth the money. I have a SL and its got lots of little nice things which make the car nicer, such as the mirrors go down when you reverse to help you park, there is a rear sunshade which you can hit the button go go up and down at the, xenon lights, better sound system, steering wheel automatically goes in and out when you start the car etc etc.

I've also seen some cars listed for sale as SL when they are not, easiest way to tell from pictures is the that the SL has the woodgrain inserts.

Whenever I take my car into service and they give me the prestige as the courtesy car I always miss my SL car lol.

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