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Hey guys. So its been awhile when i got my VIP puddle lights. Now that im done with school and exams i got the time to do it. I searched on club lexus and all on how to tap it. Some people tap it to the mirror puddle lights (2 yellow wires behind the door panel) and some tap it to the dome light so its on when the door is open. Now i tried tapping it to the puddle 3 days ago and it works but i want it to turn on when door is open so i wanna tap it to the dome light.

In one of club lexus's thread josh said his is tapped to the dome light wire which runs under the dash. When several people asked for the color of the wire multiple times, the answer was never given.

So 2 days ago i asked lexus if they knew what color the dome light wire is that runs under the dash. He called up to the mechanics and they did not know but he said i could try finding out the color of the wire from the dome itself and that could be the color however he said the wire color mightve changed otw down to the dash. So i didnt care and gave it a go last night and i took the small panel at the bottom of the dash and found a bundle of wires and a small fuse box of interior stuff. Then i proceed to taking the dome off to see what color the wire was. Then when i took off the dome i saw a bunch of wires that run to 1 plug that could be the domelight, sunroof or anything (sorry forgot to take pics) so i thought eff! I dont know how i could figure out how to tap it to the dome light. So has anyone done it before? Do you know how i could tap my wire to the dome light? Is it possible to tap it directly to the fuse for the dome light? (sorry im bad with electrics but im learning so bare with me if i have stupid questions) :) cheers guys.

Hope i can get help asap cause the light has been sitting there for an entire semester now. Lol thanks guys

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Hey atlantis. Yeah i heard footwell lights will work too but since its always on i cant get my head to believe it'll work like the dome light. + i cant use the dome light as a switch to turn it on manually. But anyways i'll try tapping into that first until i find what color the domelight wires are. Appreciate your help bro.

Ohh and when i test tapped it to drivers side mirror puddle light wire i managed to kill it. But when i tried it on the passenger side it was fine. So now the drivers side mirror puddle lights does not function.

Ohh and now i cant control the front passenger windows from the main controls. The window button on the passenger side is blinking. Lol.

Anyone can help with my issues? Lol

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Ah yes, forgot that the footwells are always on. Wouldn't make too much of a difference if the scuff plates were always on too though.

Ouch, that problem doesn't sound fun. Not something I've seen before.

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The footwell light intensity can be controlled via the knob to the right of the steering wheel that also controls the instrument panel brightness. IIRC you turn the knob anticlockwise and the footwell light turns off.

Can the front passenger window be controlled via its own switch? If so, try holding the switch until the window is all the way down, then all the way up and try from the main controls again.

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