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  1. I hope the rumours of an IS500 are true. My IS250 is almost 12 years old and needs a refresh.
  2. MAF sensor is built into the airbox lid so doesn't get touched. Smoother pipe should give a less interrupted airflow. Not sure about added noise. I think that usually comes from a bigger hole in the airbox (like the F-Sport one).
  3. Mine runs 4.5% too fast as measured by several GPS units. When I used to run 20" wheels on the car (285/30/20 on the rear) the speedo would read exactly correct.
  4. Pipe between the airbox and inlet manifold. Change the flex/plastic pipe for something solid and straight.
  5. Yep, PS4 are excellent... last two sets of tyres on mine have been PS3 and now PS4 From your list, I wouldn't buy anything less than the Hankooks. I have an odd distrust for those cheap/random brands.
  6. As long as the phone is in a cradle, a fully licenced driver is allowed to use the phone to control music.
  7. This was the easiest solution I found a while back: Cheap, not permanent, sound quality is decent. Still have to control music from your phone though. No biggie if you have it in a holder already.
  8. I'm about to hit 120,000 in mine and will get Danny (ilv1004s) on here to change it pretty soon.
  9. Toyota part number 87139-07010 for the cabin filter for a 2009. Assuming it's the same for a 2011.
  10. Still drives exactly the same as when I picked it up from the dealer. Just keep up proper maintenance and any Toyota/Lexus should last (nearly) forever.
  11. Okay great, I'll give you a call early in the new year. My box is around 115k and I'd like to do some preventative maintenance. Car just hit 10 years old a few months ago.
  12. Danny, do you flush the 2IS box and if so, how long does the procedure take and final cost?
  13. I thought I read during the time of the first recall that faulty bags had been sent out as replacements and would need re-doing in the future. I guess that time has finally arrived.
  14. Danny, where's your suggestion to source front & rear bars for a late 2009 IS250?