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  1. Found their eBay page... the red version seems to show a much darker yellow for the indicators. If they use the same setup for the black ones, I think they should be fine.
  2. The only thing I'd be worried about is the colour of the indicator lights. Should be amber coloured, but the photos appear to give off closer to a white light. There are already reflectors at the bottom of the rear bar, so that would be my only concern.
  3. Yeah, sorry I meant Disp and not Mode, and you can only reset the L/km, but it should affect the distance on your next refill of the tank. Let us know how you go.
  4. Range is based on the average lifetime fuel usage figures. If you've hammered the car and you're averages are high, your projected range will be low. My lifetime figure is around 9L/100 and I get estimates of around 630km/tank. You can reset the lifetime figure if you go to that screen on the dash and hold Mode I think. Or disconnect the battery, but that will wipe a couple of other things too.
  5. Thanks for that. I was just wondering how far down it went, because in some of the sample photos on eBay (clearly of another vehicle type) it went a lot further down and I wasn't too big of a fan of the design. This isn't too bad though.
  6. Not too shabby for the price. Are you able to upload a pic of it installed? Curious to see how it goes over the passenger airbag part of the dash.
  7. Nope, tried it today. No go. Hope this saves other people some time.
  8. This is probably why my next car can't be a Lexus. They are so far behind on interface technology, it wouldn't make sense to buy a car which is years behind the other manufacturers. If they ever decide to include Android Auto, I'll be back in an instant. Until then, my money is worth more elsewhere.
  9. High flow pumps are noisy. You'll likely need to go back to Lexus/Toyota if you want a quiet one. And they don't look cheap:
  10. Same silver sticker was used when the fuel pressure regulator recall was performed, so isn't a guarantee that the airbags have been replaced. Best to give Lexus as call, as their records will indicate what has been done based on VIN.
  11. The X was just a run of 450 vehicles with cosmetic changes. No performance modifications.
  12. How do you find the A45? The A/CLA/GLA are on my list of cars to replace my '09 IS250.
  13. Don't expect to see Apple CarPlay or AndroidAuto in any Lexus soon:
  14. Not too bad... hopefully they can sort out those small issues with a firmware update. Integrated Android would be bloody awesome.