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  1. I'd prefer Mazda has no input on the engine, and we pass it on to Yamaha like the JZ engines were 😆
  2. Would have been nice to include the video so people knew what you were talking about: I would never do this though. Just what you need on a rainy day... a boot full of water.
  3. Extremely... I don't want a SUV of any sort, so getting rid of nearly the entire sedan/coupe range is ridiculous. I guess I have to keep saving for an LS, as there is no GS any more either 😞
  4. Slightly off topic, but can the auto headlight sensitivity be changed with Techstream? I find mine to be slightly off and won't turn on until it's nearly pitch black outside.
  5. Nearly every news article calls it 4th generation, hence my use of that wording for the title, but yes apparently the IS line could either end completely in 2024 or may be a shared platform with possibly Mazda.
  6. I hope the rumours of an IS500 are true. My IS250 is almost 12 years old and needs a refresh.
  7. MAF sensor is built into the airbox lid so doesn't get touched. Smoother pipe should give a less interrupted airflow. Not sure about added noise. I think that usually comes from a bigger hole in the airbox (like the F-Sport one).
  8. Mine runs 4.5% too fast as measured by several GPS units. When I used to run 20" wheels on the car (285/30/20 on the rear) the speedo would read exactly correct.
  9. Pipe between the airbox and inlet manifold. Change the flex/plastic pipe for something solid and straight.
  10. Yep, PS4 are excellent... last two sets of tyres on mine have been PS3 and now PS4 From your list, I wouldn't buy anything less than the Hankooks. I have an odd distrust for those cheap/random brands.
  11. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/driver-safety/mobile-phones-and-driving As long as the phone is in a cradle, a fully licenced driver is allowed to use the phone to control music.
  12. This was the easiest solution I found a while back: https://www.tp-link.com/au/home-networking/entertainment-device/ha100/ Cheap, not permanent, sound quality is decent. Still have to control music from your phone though. No biggie if you have it in a holder already.
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