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  1. Danny, where's your suggestion to source front & rear bars for a late 2009 IS250?
  2. Performed a bit of cleanup on the idiotic spam posts. Amazing how these users only posts are links to locksmiths outside the country.
  3. Best off using a Lexus approved repairer... they should have proven their ability to colour match to Lexus' exacting standards:
  4. Yep, already had FPR and airbag recalls done on my IS250 over the years. They send out a letter, then will ring you if you don't respond in a timely matter. Granted, Lexus usually only has the first owners' information so those who purchased used vehicles may need to enquire with a dealer if they don't have up to date ownership information.
  5. Check out prices seem a lot lower than $500/tyre for PS4 for an IS-F.
  6. Wow, that's some difference in cost between an IS250 tyre and IS-F... I paid less than $900 for all 4 supplied, fitted and balanced.
  7. Just bought some Pilot Sport 4 as well... only 1000km ago, but much nicer than the PS3 that were on it before. Super quiet in comparison. Haven't had time to compare anything else yet.
  8. These guys are usually priced pretty well in comparison to other places. Not is Sydney, but they do ship out. I've bought IS-F brakes from them in the past.
  9. Sounds like a dodgy burn. I have seen v22 on DVD-R work perfectly fine in a 2009 model. Perhaps try a different brand disc or burn speed.
  10. I've been waiting 3 days for email confirmation for a new account there... wondering if they're having issues. I run my own mail server, and I know for certain it hasn't even been sent from their end yet.
  11. Damn, I would have been keen for an '09 Nav override in mine. If they work one out, I'm very keen.
  12. I get most km out of a tank in this order: Mobil Supreme 98 BP Ultimate Shell V-Power I don't use Caltex... issues in the past have tainted my view of their fuel. V-Power seems to go "off" in around 2 weeks and the car can feel sluggish and ping. Haven't experienced this with Mobil or BP though.