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Instrument Panel Fuse Box - Where Is It?

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I have a 2008 RX350 and none of the power outlets are working. I suspect there is a blown fuse and I understand that the fuse for this circuit is in the instrument panel fuse box which is inside under the dash (there's no fuse in the box in the engine bay). Only problem is I can not find the fuse box anywhere!! I've searched both driver and passenger side and just can not work out where it is?? Any tips?

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From memory, the fusebox is located below the glovebox so you need to remove the plastic panel underneath the glovebox in order to see it.

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Sorry to mislead you. I was referring to the fusebox which is located under the kick panel on the passenger side (on my hybrid RX anyway).


had the need to replace my cig lighter fuse due to a dodgy 12V usb charger.

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