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Dump Pipes

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Hey guys, I'm from LOC US, and I posted a question there, but I guess no one there has a 1J.

I just did a 1J swap in my SC300, and I came across the Rush Dump Pipes. I was curious if any of you guys actually have these, or have modified yours. I didn't use the search, so I'm sorry if this has been asked 300 times. Also, if you HAVE custom made yours, what size have you used, and what is the biggest you would suggest? We're going to custom make mine, since I'm not going to order something from another country, and we were thinking 3", but I've been told that modifying them really doesn't get you anything. (which I find hard to believe) What I'm afraid with 3" is cross turbulence between the turbochargers, since I don't think there's enough room there to fit 6" worth of pipe. I could see 2.5" twisting with the joint down lower, so there isn't a chance of cross turbulence, but with 3" pipes, the joint would have to basically sit between the turbochargers, and that scares me. Which leads me to my last question, when you did change yours out, what kind of performance gains did you see, and how did it effect driveability? I'm assuming that it will bring boost on a little sooner, since it's basically like modifying the downpipe.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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