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I have a 2001 ES300. The Sat Nav has stopped working. The warning script comes up on the screen and when I press the "I Agree" button, it goes green and beeps but nothing happens. Can anyone guide me in the right direction to solve this annoying problem?

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Same problem with similar year ES300. Worked fine for years, but now shuts itself off frequently. After I push "I Agree" it stays on but for a few seconds. If I'm lucky it'll at least keep the Route Overview on for several minutes. I know it's working well when the Audio plays again, but it's very sensitive and turns itself off frequently.

Did you find out what was wrong/how to fix it? I heard to replace the GPS system is VERY expensive.

My Lexus service center wants me just to use a peripheral GPS, but I do not want to plug it in/out every time I get in the car.

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