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Is200 Remote Keys

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hi, i recently got my is200 and it came with no remote locking key, just a key to start the car. i have seen a few remote key sets on ebay, are they any good? or is there a site that a can get them from?

i have a 2004 is200. so any sort help with this would be very helpful :)

im an auto electrician so im not paying for someone to do something i can do haha (ie lexus perth will most likely charge a lot)


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If you're going for a key off eBay make sure where ever it's being shipped from uses the same frequency

I work for Chrysler and see a lot of people buying transponders off eBay coming from America which use a difference frequency and aren't compatible with aus cars

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The UK ones work fine according to some local and NZ members, and are a lot cheaper than the $500+ the stealership will charge. Programming is very easy, check my.is for instructions.

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