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Vais Sl2I-Up Stopped Working

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I have a VAIS SL2i-up in my 2006 RX350, with nav, DVD and ML. The VAIS has worked perfectly until this morning when it suddenly quit.

I had just updated my song collection but for some reason I don't know, iTunes just put everything in the root directory with no playlists. On selecting the iPod I got the "No playlists" error. Since then i am unable to select the iPod.

I have updated the iPod so it now has playlists and also tried another iPod which I know works fine on this car. If I try to select the iPod by pressing the Disk button I just get the DVD player. Pressing again does nothing.

The iPod is charging, though the battery symbol isn't up all the time.

If I play a song from the iPod itself, it comes through the car's speakers over the top of the DVD or radio.

Any advice on trouble shooting this, preferably without tearing everything apart?




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