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Anyone Recently Lowered Their Ls400 (1992 Model) And Still Have The Ol

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Hello all,

I've just joined this Lexus Owners Australian community and am very pleased to have discovered it. My husband and I love our LS400 but believe it has been lowered. We bought it 3 years ago. We'd like to lift it as we are now having to drive on some dirt roads occasionally but also found we have to approach speed bumps that are set high at an angle to avoid scraping.

If anyone has lowered their LS400 (1992 model) and still has the old front springs to sell, (in good working condition), please contact us on 0431514937.

Otherwise, if you know of anyone that might have these springs to sell we'd love to hear from you. I found a link to Arnott Air Suspension products in another topic which sells the parts new. Just thought we'd try for used parts first as the new ones are a big $ commitment.

Hope to hear from people,

Janice (and Derek) White

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Ho Janice,

Have a look on eBay for LS400 Springs Struts.

There are several listed for around $400-500 for ALL FOUR complete with springs AND struts.

Really cheap compared to other cars.

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