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So tonight i was travelling through O'Connell st (the intersection of Argyle st) in parramatta, where i stopped at a red light, however when i stopped i noticed the red light camera just flashed me, and i was not speeding nor was i running a red light, and theres no other car around. Can this even be possible? has anyone experienced similar situation before? who do i compliant to if i do get a fine?

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1. Are you sure it wasn't a thunder strike you saw? :D There is a few lighting bolts going around tonight.

2. Red light camera should never flash you if you stop behind the line.

3. In NSW, all fixed camera can only flash you from your rear. (I think there is nsw legislation somewhere says that to prevent people getting blinded by the flash.)

Chances are it could just be a camera gone random spastic, worst to worst just complain to the NSW State Debt Recovery Office if you get the fine. The camera photo alone should be enough to do the justice for you.

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completely unrelated but thought i'd share anyway as an FYI for all.

More often than not theres a mobile speed camera on Hume Highway in Chullora as well as Hume Highway between Johnston Rd & Henry Lawson Drive.

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