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Anyone Help, Lost Master Key?

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Hi There,

Wondering if anybody can help. My Master Key for a IS300 has been lost. I have the service key but no remote, gone to Lexus and they have put me onto a locksmith who can cut 2 new keys and reflash the ECU but that is going to cost me $2900!! The keys were lost by a friend trying to put them somewhere "safe".. 2 months later and two complete strip downs of the house they are still missing!! Moving OS and selling car so need to get it done.. Anyone want to buy it without the Master key ?? :rolleyes:

Has anyone else had this problem? looked on the WEB and a few sites in the US do it for under $500 US.. but don;t fancy haveing to send my ECU to the states!

Any help would be appreciated as my insurance company will cover me up to only $500 minus $300 excess means a total of $200!!

Thanks in advance

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there is a place in melbourne called petroject the word is they can rest your ecu, that way it will accept a new keys.... also ask at any lexus dealership to try and reprogram your new keys as some of the sub keys were programed as masters from the factory.... good luck...

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i just bought a es300 and the guy who owned it before me lost his master key and apparantly it only cost him bout 200 to get it sorted... just if u want me to contact him about it i will, just ask! :)


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