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hey guys.... i just gonna buy some very cool & very good quality courtesy lights from china...it's gonna cost about $320/pair (expensive, but the quality is really really good).the price include postage and if more ppl join, it will be much lower...and it could be customized to any image .... to install it just simply replace the original courtesy light shell...and the two default image will be Lexus LOGO...and the F logo (same as IS-F) one....

so i just wanna see if anybody interested before i start a group buy...

just upload few pics to show the idea what it will be....







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how does it work? I don't think courtesy light is pointing to the ground.

btw. its way overpriced.


i think it does the same thing. but ONLY $20 !!!!

hey mate....the $20 one on ebay is poor quality one..i can get it for less than $5 from china...and you have to drill a hole on the door...and the result is totally different (see pic)...and the image limited with lexus logo only....

the one i mentioned will directly fit on the courtesy light position...so yeah..it's expensive, that's y i wanna ask and see if anybody will be interested. so i might start a group buy to get it cheaper...and only one seller selling this. so couldn't find a cheaper place to buy...


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