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Been lurking around these forums for a month now and I'm looking to now purchase a used IS250 for 25-30k. That is the price after rego, stamp duty etc..
I've been reading through the threads and know about the model differences and carbon build up issues etc...

Just wondering what my best options are. I do prefer a black/dark exterior and would like the EMV and ML speaker packages with preferably <80,000kms.

Looked around on car sales a bit and I figure I can get an 08 prestige within those requirements.
I know that the Sports Luxury is an overall better package but I'm having a lot of trouble finding even 06/07 models in Victoria that are black and have less than 80kkm within that price bracket.

I'm pretty keen on getting an IS250 within the next few weeks and was wondering if it was even worth waiting out for the new ones to be released to see the SL or higher year models drop into my price bracket.

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You might have to wait a while or compromise somewhere, mate - I've been waiting a year for the right 2010 IS250 Sports luxury to come along ANYWHERE in the country and am still waiting !! The dealer assures me that a lot more cars will be coming up for sale in the next few months.

In the meantime, good luck !!

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The flesh is weak.. Just bought one yesterday.
2008 Prestige with EMV etc..
Sapphire blue exterior, sandy interior(not the biggest fan)

Picking it up Wednesday

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As they say good things come to people who wait....

It took me approximately 3 months to find my current ride a 2008 is250 SL in charcol grey, black leather interior, approx 50k's. Ended up picking it up for $30k and travelled down to Canberra for it. Bought it in October last year.

Sometimes if your after a particular colour it may take longer to find but something will come up for you.

Good luck in your hunt!

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Hi, guys

I'm in similar situation to look for a IS250 with budget around 30K.

Current generation is out of my price range for sure, so I'm target for either gen1 or gen2. Can any IS expert advise which generation is better in term of quality and reliability or they're overall similar ?

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